Finnish Cultural Institute in Madrid

Kuva instituutista
© Lupe Clemente

Calle San Agustin 7, 
28014, Madrid

+34 91 444 44 10

The Finnish Cultural Institute in Madrid promotes Finnish culture, arts, research and business in the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking world. We operate in all areas and countries where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken, although our focus is on Spain, Latin America and Portugal. We also seek to make this culturally and economically important region better known in Finland.

We facilitate cultural exchanges and collaborate with art forums, embassies, cultural institutes, universities, economic forums and enterprises. We publish the academic journal Acta Ibero-Americana Fennica.

Our office and library in central Madrid are complemented by a network of representatives in the relevant countries. Ever since our establishment, we have collaborated with the Complutense University of Madrid, where we have an office at the Faculty of Philology.

The Institute was founded in 1996 and is maintained by the Ibero-American Foundation.