Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark

© Chikako Harada

Sankt Annæ Plads 24, gården 3
1250 København K

+45 22 42 02 62

The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark offers Finnish know-how in the fields of contemporary art and performing arts. We aim to create and strengthen the dialogue between Finnish and Danish professionals and the larger public. We work with cultural exchange through exhibition projects, exporting new drama, as well as through various events, which are all executed in collaboration with Finnish and Danish partners. The institute does not have its own exhibition or concert space. Our mission is to create cultural exchange between different art forms and constantly deepen our network. The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark follows actively the cultural phenomena in Finland and Denmark and offers a platform for international dialogue.

The Finnish Cultural Institute in Denmark (foundation) was established in 1991. The institute is an independent, not-for profit organisation funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland as well as other public and private foundations. The institute is governed by a Danish foundation.