‘PARTir – Creating a Cultural Roadmap Towards Responsible International Mobility’ is a collaborative project between the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes Association and ten Finnish cultural and academic institutes during the years 2024–2025. The project aims to promote sustainable and long-term internationalization of art by implementing approximately 30 art and culture projects and developing sustainable practices within the institute network. PARTir is funded by the European Union’s NextGenerationEU initiative.

The shared goal of the institutes is to develop practices of environmentally and socially sustainable operations in international arts and cultural cooperation. In the pARTir initiative effective internationalization is reinforced by deepening partnerships within the institutes’ local areas. The long-term effects are strengthened by investing in mentoring and networking opportunities, which help to grow the networks and expertise of artists and experts involved in pARTir projects.

In addition to the program, the initiative provides an opportunity for institute staff to update their skills in the theme of sustainability. Practical tools are developed in training sessions and workshops on ecological and social sustainability, which institutes will implement during the pARTir project. The project’s impact will be actively evaluated through impact assessment surveys tailored to various target groups.

The participating Finnish cultural and academic institutes in the pARTir project are FinnAgora – Finnish Institute in Hungary, Finnish Institute in Benelux, Finnish Institute in the UK and Ireland, Finnish Institute in Japan, Finnish Institute in Madrid, Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute FINNO, Finnish Institute in France, Finnish Institute in Germany, and Finnish Institute in Estonia.

The partner institutes are organizing their pARTir projects from May 24, 2024, to August 30, 2025. These include performances, residencies, exhibitions, and workshops. You can find the projects collectively on the project’s program pages, which will be updated as the initiative progresses.

In the News section, you can delve into pARTir projects through interviews and other formats.

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