About Us

What are the Finnish cultural and academic institutes?

  • non-governmental bodies promoting co-operation between Finnish and international cultural and academic organizations and professionals
  • innovative and cost-efficient expert organizations that boost Finland’s global visibility
  • independent non-profit organizations maintained by a private foundation or fund

What do the institutes do?

  • promote international mobility and collaboration in the arts, culture, science and research
  • provide information on Finnish culture, arts, science and research
  • organize seminars, exhibitions and other events
  • run residency programmes for artists and researchers
  • conduct academic research
  • implement projects relating to cultural and education exports
  • offer Finnish language courses
  • collaborate with other Finnish organizations in the Team Finland network and with other European cultural institutes in the EUNIC network (European Union National Institutes for Culture)

The institutes receive basic funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland. Their projects receive additional funding from private Finnish foundations and companies and from their Finnish and foreign partners. In Finland, the institutes work closely with cultural organizations as well as universities and other higher-education institutions.

The Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes (SKTI) association is not an umbrella organization for the institutes. Rather, we foster co-operation and interaction between the institutes, help them with their public relations, administrative duties and visibility in Finland, and support their collaboration with Finnish partners. The association represents Finland in the EUNIC network.

SKTI’s board of trustees is chaired by Ms Liisa Savunen and comprises representatives of different foundations and institutes: Ms Anneli Temmes, Ms Laura Hirvi, Ms Marianna Kajantie, Mr Martti Nissinen and Ms Manna Satama as members and Mr Seppo Toivonen and Mr Anders Eriksson as deputy members.